Roppongi Art Night 2019

Roppongi Art Night, (modeled after the famous “Nuit Blanche” festivals around the world) has already become one of the major art events in Tokyo with nearly a million people joining last year’s hurrah.

Not only are the attendance numbers growing, the scale of the event and number of installations, sub-events and performances has also exploded. This year, the event has switched from an after-work Friday night to a Saturday night. An even bigger change is switching the event back to a date in spring (recent events have been in autumn).


The event features installation art, live art and performances centered on the three points of the Roppongi Art Triangle—Tokyo Midtown, The National Art Center Tokyo and Roppongi Hills.


"Roppongi Art Night " is a feast of art set in the streets of Roppongi. In addition to art pieces, various works including design, music, video, performance etc are scattered in the city of Roppongi where various commercial facilities and cultural facilities gathered, and it creates extraordinary experiences. And, to enjoy the art in life ARATA and suggests the correct life style. Also, by integrating the art and the city, we will improve the cultural image of Roppongi and create a pioneering model of town planning in the big city of Tokyo. I will continue to develop further as a festival of Tokyo's leading art.

Contemporary Art Station