BK DIECI | Australia

Brooke Krumbeck is an emerging artist working across a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, textiles and digital media under the pseudonym BK DIECI. In 2015 BK DIECI completed a Master of Art in Time Based Media at the University of New South Wales Art & Design in Sydney, Australia. Since graduating BK DIECI has exhibited in various group and solo shows including The Other Fair Sydney, Gaffa Gallery and Ambush Gallery.

BK DIECI’s art practice has been evolving over the last four years as she continues to explore the concepts of perfectionism in relation to the female form, chronic illness and environmental themes with particular attention to endangered flora and fauna.

Tired of the female form having been depicted at times with the typical ‘pretty’ face and the ‘ideal’ body BK DIECI has challenged these notions and created works that are scarred, bleeding and littered with abstract forms incorporated within disintegrating bodies that are bound within nature. Diagnosed over a decade ago with several autoimmune diseases BK DIECI has continued to battle these internal conditions, which play mind games on sufferer’s physical appearance that in turn lead can lead to depression and anxiety. Coupled with countless images of the ideal woman, societal expectations and the demands we put on ourselves it can begin to implode both physically and psychologically as reflected in her artworks.

Closely intertwined within these narratives are stories of our local environments with a dedicated focus on endangered flora and fauna. Within many of the artworks BK DIECI explores the impact of humans on their surroundings in pursuit of perfection. BK DIECI wants to raise awareness of what we are losing within our communities and ignite discussion around these issues that maybe not everyone is aware are currently occurring.

The addition of popping colours, spiritual creatures and sinister forms has developed throughout the works through the study of BK DIECI’s own dream states, which have allowed herself to create works that take viewers on a wild psychedelic adventure where Tittafant’s roam and mythical tales are abound. There are no demands, expectations or rules as to how you should look, act or behave as a woman. Welcome to the dark, twisted lucid fantasies of BK DIECI where you do not have to apologise or make excuses for being yourself.

Envy , 2015, Digital Print, 100cm x 70cm

Envy, 2015, Digital Print, 100cm x 70cm

Eye Candy Series 01 , 2016, Pencil on paper, 40cm x 30cm

Eye Candy Series 01, 2016, Pencil on paper, 40cm x 30cm

Lucid Lotus , 2017, Pencil on paper, 120cm x 40cm

Lucid Lotus, 2017, Pencil on paper, 120cm x 40cm

Raduga Fantasies , 2017, Pencil on board, 84cm x 60cm

Raduga Fantasies, 2017, Pencil on board, 84cm x 60cm

Submerged , 2016, Digital print, 40cm x 100cm

Submerged, 2016, Digital print, 40cm x 100cm

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