Interview with Erna Klaus

Erna Klaus | Germany

Painting lets me in - and it lets me ascend to the most beautiful level. These are the moments, when it feels like ecstasy. It is the rest, which remains of the painting - whether figurative or abstract - it is the visible certainty of creative, unrepeatable time. A tangible, solidifying memory, which I do not want to miss. Painting has become the materialization of my very own picture.

Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy

Contemporary Art Station: Tell us about how you got started. When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

For many years I have been interested in writing and painting. Around 1990 a lecturer pointed out to me that I forget too many experiences if I don't paint for a long time. This is how painting became my favourite hobby initially.

CAS: What is your process like, from initial idea to the creation of the piece? Do you usually develop the idea for a project before you find the "canvas", or vice versa?

I collect impressions, photos and pictures that can appeal to my imagination. I prefer to paint on canvas.  I often sketch something out or create an idea.

CAS: What do you love most about your creative process?

The meditative process. I love the first brush strokes that lead me into the picture and set the desire to paint in motion.

Scarlet Dragonfly

Scarlet Dragonfly

CAS: What role does art and the artist play in the broader social conversation today?

Honestly I have no idea...

CAS: Name a few of your favourite artists and influences.

I like to see Per Kirkeby and Joan Miro.

CAS: What is the best advice you received as an artist?

Paint and draw freely and stay true to yourself.

Transportation of an Altar

Transportation of an Altar

CAS: When did you discover your voice as an artist? 

Two years ago

CAS: What advice would you give to emerging artists trying to find their own? 

Trust in yourself. Consider and listen to the voice of a professional who can address your feelings and whose criticism you can trust and accept.

Thank you Erna!