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My painting is Abstract-minimal . My aim is to show the smallness of Human in the Cosmos and here in Nature . With the bright colors I try to bring some Joy and Happiness in the hope that it will bring to a better world . To see the beauty of life and not the death !



Contemporary Art Station: Tell us about how you got started. When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I started very late , only at the age of 43 I went to study Art at the Haifa University , but after the third year I knew that I don't want to teach .At that stage I went to Master classes and and knew that I want to paint ! I stayed 7 years . From that point I am self employed and make Art .

CAS: What is your process like, from initial idea to the creation of the piece? Do you usually develop the idea for a project before you find the "canvas", or vice versa?

Most of the time I paint around a dream, association, or something I read about .I paint most in series . I begin straight on the canvas and as I work with Acrylic ( allergy to oil) it is easy to change colors or add .When I paint , the world is on "Stand -Still"!

CAS: What do you love most about your creative process?

The most enjoyable point in painting is to see your idea comes to life and you are happy with the outcome even a long time after you finished !

Isles In Sea

Isles In Sea

CAS: What role does art and the artist play in the broader social conversation today?

I think Art can influence in some way and make a difference and especially in the social media .I mean Art in all forms . But the visual arts even more than music or literature , because the eye sees and remembers the colors and the composition instandly.

CAS: Name a few of your favourite artists and influences

.Those who had some influence on my work and which are my favourites :
Miro , Rothko , Uri Reizman(israeli)and O'Keeffe .

CAS: What is the best advice you received as an artist?

Don't try to make a master-piece , be yourself and don't copy other artists ! I will never be the same and it shall hinder you to become your self , your own style

CAS: When did you discover your voice as an artist?

I had my own style fairly early in my artlive. About a year after I left the university. I had in master classes a wonderful teacher who gave me free hand and only teached me the technical sides . In composition I was already very good and the same for colors .This has not changed till today .

CAS: What advice would you give to emerging artists trying to find their own?

work, work and again work ! Just like anything else , in order to get it right you have to train . And somewhere in this time of training you'll find your own .It's not always easy but it is the only way !

Fantasy Land 4

Fantasy Land 4

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