Raphael Reiter | Austria


Since 20 years I create GOLDEN SUNS, this are round energetic objects for the wall, in different since and structures, with gold, color and real leaf gold. The SUN is for me the giver of live energy for all being. In all cultures in the past, she was symbol of eternity and god. So also all human being are in their spiritual essence a light beings, like a GOLDEN SUN. I will remember with my artworks on this Inner Light in all people and spend a spark of energetic inspiration. I get this energetic and visual inspiration for the GOLDEN SUN in a deep meditation, after a crisis time. I am also a Astrologer, Healer and Author. My main work is to bring all my experience of higher energy to the people, that the can grow up to a greater awareness and love. My artworks are now in 40 countries world wide. Not only in privat rooms, also in hospitals,doctor practice,therapy institute, meditation and yoga center,hotel lobbies and schools.Found your own GOLDEN SUN on my website or contact me. World wide shipping.

SILENCE-behind your thought

SILENCE-behind your thought

Contemporary Art Station: Tell us about how you got started. When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

So long as I can remember, I was creative. When I was young, I left my home city Vienna, I walk out in the country and start living on a farm with animals. So you must be creative, otherwise you can not exist. I start with different handcrafts in wood and go further to sculptures, as I see, I like this work.

CAS: What is your process like, from initial idea to the creation of the piece? Do you usually develop the idea for a project before you find the "canvas", or vice versa?

First of all, I make a meditation, to clean my energetic body and so I can focus the energy. I don't think during the work. I let the energy flow.

CAS: What do you love most about your creative process?

The moment to be surprise, whats coming out in this process.

PEACE- in your soul and in your breath

PEACE- in your soul and in your breath

CAS: What role does art and the artist play in the broader social conversation today?

I think every artist has their own message, and also the different people found the artworks, what is in resonance with him. But art is very important in this troubling time, to bring the people away from stress and give them moments of new ideas and feelings.

CAS: Name a few of your favourite artists and influences.

Now we have so many great artists and new kind of artworks, it is fantastic, but I have no favourite.

CAS: What is the best advice you received as an artist?

The best advice was, "if you like your work from deeply in your heart, doe it and don't be skeptical. Go on.

CAS: When did you discover your voice as an artist?

Very long time ago, it was a process after many years.

CAS: What advice would you give to emerging artists trying to find their own?

Believe on your self and go on.

LOVE-to all living creature

LOVE-to all living creature

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